Furniture Made For You


When it comes to upholstery, quality & construction matter.
We proudly work with brands that are Handcrafted in the USA: Rowe Furniture, Lee Industries, Verellen and Cisco Home.

Each company has a unique story, product offering & place in our hearts. We've aligned our business with these brands because we share a common goal of providing beautiful furniture that will stand the test of time, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Each of these brands manufacturers in a different part of the USA, employing hundreds of people and making a positive impact on their community in a variety of ways. Sustainability & Eco-Manufacturing are now at the forefront of their production capabilities.

We invite you to learn a little about the brands we've come to love and proudly feature in our storefront & design projects.


In an effort to provide the best products & services to our customers, we’ve chosen to align ourselves with manufacturing partners that deliver the best in quality and company standards.  All of our custom upholstery is manufactured in the United States and made to order.